Saturday, April 7, 2012

Dear KO,

Dammit.  Just Dammit.  That's self pity - no reflection on you. 

Once again you have personified the Thurber truth, "Discussion in America means dissent."  Continue to dissent.  Be high-maintenance and "ranty" or whatever they want to call you to avoid casting blame upon themselves - but dammit don't stop talking with America.  Truth telling is a serious and messy endeavor.  

Reading between the lines, methinks you took the Chief News Officer title seriously. When office politics, playing nice with others, and staying quiet about production glitches unworthy of Wayne and Garth's basement trumped good journalism and a top quality show, you drew the line.  Good for you.   In all honesty, KO, some show were, shall we say, difficult to watch.  Content was never the issue, but the production quality made me wince.  Did Current use a lot of interns to keep costs down? 

But take heart, baseball fan, Current TV's statement displays its farm team level of professionalism.  I take that back, most farm teams have more class.  From the "open letter" it seems you may have had a "problem" with interns also writing press releases.  (Was that letter 140 characters?) 

While your departure saddens me, I understand.  Current is not the right vehicle for your voice.  You did what many of us have done.  You accepted a new position only to find out it was at best a bad fit, and at worst smoke, mirrors, and false promises.  How about teaming up with Michael Moore and doing some (more) real good for We the People.

Until next time...stay "ranty" my friend.

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