Tuesday, May 1, 2012

We Believe (Follow up to Republicans Believe...)

We Believe

  • The Earth is Round

  •  Children should be taught science in science classrooms

  • Dogs should ride on the inside, regardless how much they shed

  • It is possible to attack a policy on its merits without attacking the policy maker’s character, intelligence or patriotism

  • Collective bargaining is necessary, and not just the “Groupon” variety

  • There is nothing immoral about homosexuality; it is immoral to serve a spouse divorce papers while she is undergoing cancer treatments

  • Human beings are people, corporations are not

  • Legislators should write their own legislation to benefit constituents and the greater good, not the members of ALEC

  • Tanning beds might not be a good thing

  • Fundamental fairness in the workplace and in the tax code is necessary

  • The auto industry deserved to be “saved;” the “Real Housewives of…” should be cancelled

  • We are stewards of this planet; we do not care to relocate to the moon, regardless of how “hip” Sir Richard could make it

  • US Corporations should hire US workers at a fair wage

  • Global climate change is real, Flipper the talking dolphin is not

  • Citizens, without burden, have the right and the responsibility to vote – even in Wisconsin

  • Women have the right to privacy and must make their own healthcare decisions

  • The words “Christian Nation” do not appear in our founding documents, despite what the GOP tells you

  • Corporations should not spend more on lobbyists than they do on taxes

  • We believe this was all Mitt’s Idea…

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