Tuesday, August 14, 2012

“Must Have” RNC Souvenirs

RNC 2012 - Romneys, Trump & Cheese

Guide to the “Must Have” RNC Souvenirs

Huzzah! The countdown to the elephant-sized quadrennial event has begun!  As a new Tampa Bay area resident I offer, as a public service, the first in a series of "must" buy and do suggestions for RNC attendees.  You are so welcome.  My pleasure.  Really.  Have a nice day.  

#1 T-shirts

Red, White or Blue! $19.95* (*100% Tax deductible with Mitt & Mitt Lite’s new post-election tax loop-holes)


My RWNJ Uncle 
went to the RNC 
& all I got was this 

Made in U.S.A.*

(*Northern Mariana Islands) 

#2 Rafalca Poo
Rather like “Zoo Poo” but made by himself and shaped by “staff” into bloated little GOP elephants.  (Think "Rush with tusks") 


( to commemorate his Olympic ranking)

#3 Scotts' Tissues

Why think of our beloved Guv Rick Scott and Wisconsin's very own Scott Walker only when they are making news and making royal asses of themselves (or shilling for the Brothers Grimm Koch)  Now you can think of them every time you think of your own ass. 

You are so welcome.  My pleasure.  Really.  Have a nice day.   Front to back people - let's keep in clean in Scotts'Land! 

Scotts'land Uber Alles! 

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