Thursday, February 2, 2012

Suzie G., the #GOP and Molly

Last time I checked, it was 2012.  I do not believe the Tardis has taken me to the not-so-distant past, but it is entirely possible.  I've not put on my Ms. Underpants hat in awhile, but THIS stirred me to action - for you, for me, for our families, for our friends, and for Molly.  Many of you read The Underpants for a chuckle, and usually we can find humor in even the darkest subjects.  Not today. 

Today we are "debating" women's health services, cancer screenings, birth control, family planning, and privacy rights.  SGK is playing politics by de-funding needed cancer-screening money to Planned Parenthood.  Oh that this were an "Onion" story!

SGK and those in leadership positions have made interesting choices regarding their corporate associations, donors, and that whole ALEC crew.  We now see the result of the pressure applied by "friends in high places."  If you dig around a little bit on the internets, you'll learn SGK's  top corporate donors are doing their damnest to ensure women who are working, and battling breast cancer or any other illness, aren't entitled to paid sick time.  Oh SGK you speak with forked tongue.  You may not be the Whore of Babylon, but you sure are the benevolent Pink spokesmodel of Yum! Brands - who are the evil minds behind this whole "no paid sick days for you" demented idea.  As Molly would say - "You gotta dance with them that brung 'ya." 

In addition, SGK is suing other charities for the use of "cure."  If these things doesn't scream TEXAS GOP Holier-Than-Thou back room power play, I don't know what does - except perhaps Guv. Goodhair a' prayin' over it at a new pink-ribboned themed PrayerAPinkAPalooza.  

This ridiculousness affirms a basic truth: politics and sound policy are too often anathema.  It also speaks to the appropriate use of funds.  By their actions, SGK has told We the People that attorney fees are money "better spent" than helping a woman get transportation to her chemo appointment.   The latter being a reason it exists, the former a symptom of "NPO Gone Wild!"

It seems then, that SGK et all are more than willing to help "good girls" with cancer, but they are not willing to help "girls of questionable reputation" who go to (stage whisper) PLANNED PARENTHOOD for any reason.  

We have just stepped back into the 1950's.  

The Media is framing this debate as Pro-Life v. Pro-Choice. Wrong.  As a favorite Twitter BFF noted, "Breast Cancer Screenings - Can't get more Pro-Life than that, can we?" Bravo @mrbabypants.  Yes, he is a "mister."  You see, this ludicrous decision affects us all.  

Once again the "Family Research/MoralMajority/RWNJ's" are trying in not-so-subtle-fashion and with their checkbooks - to associate any of those "unmentionable girl things" with sex.  In their warped minds, sex is something well-bred individuals do not discuss in polite company let alone engage in outside of a marriage - and then, primarily, to be fruitful and multiply.  Well-bred Texas girls would have NO NEED for ANY services of Planned Parenthood, hence, it can and will be de-funded.   

Bullshit. PP exists to serve women - many, many different types of women - with a variety of services; services that are becoming harder and harder to obtain.  Every tried to ask your doctor associated with a Catholic Hospital/Healthcare system for an IUD? Try it. Good luck.  Ever try to get a mammogram without health insurance? Pap smear? 

If we want to be a nation focused on staying healthier, and being pro-active about our health - we must support organizations in our communities who provide these services.  Big Insurance sure isn't helping and local health departments are overwhelmed, under-funded and under-staffed.   Maybe SGK got a big fat check from BigHealth.  None of us would be surprised. 

In eliminating the funding from Planned Parenthood, SGK has decided that following lock step with the GOP moral majority crazies is more important than saving women's lives.  Post-born women that is.  

Women are DYING.  Screening and EARLY detection is our #1 weapon against this brutal disease.  An organization as large as SGK with as many resources as it has owes a duty to women - ALL women.  Not just the pretty sorority girls who sport pink-ribbons and host bake sales in October.  

People donate to SGK thelp PREVENT the disease as well as support assistance and research.  With this one decision, SGK told us this:  we'd rather give money to BigPharma to research than to organizations who assist real women.  Perhaps, sadly, there is no money in prevention.   Perhaps SGK is running itself like a FOR profit. The CEO salary isn't really NPO money, is it?

As you know, dear reader, my hero is Texan Molly Ivins. Breast Cancer took her away from us too damn early.  SGK is headquartered in Texas.  Molly can't share her thoughts on this subject with us, but all her fans know she would be on this story like honey bees on Texas clover.  Stinger sharpened for battle!

Ms. Underpants has no Molly-esque words of wisdom, so I'll borrow them from Nelle Harper Lee speaking in the voice of Atticus Finch,  Dear SGK - "In the name of g-d, DO YOUR DUTY" and restore funding. 

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  1. So true. I was thinking last night on the entire woman's health front that we are constantly fighting a defensive battle. We must go on the offensive. Forget Defending Roe v Wade, attack the Hyde ammendment. Keep fighting my friend.