Thursday, March 29, 2012

Foolish & Fabulous

The Week's Top 10 Lists of Foolish & Fabulous


10.   Mechanics who 'assume' girls "Don't know nothin' 'bout cars"'s surface rust, Slappy...I don't need a new muffler

9.  Broccoli. Enough said.

8.  Car Elevators - the install price of which would support a homeless shelter for a month

7.  Newt

6.  The nutter who wrote to the Wall Street Journal heralding the Koch Boys as "Patriots"

5. SCOTUS pretending to be the Warren Court in Opposite Land

4. Arizona (Are too many octogenarians experiencing late life pregnancies?)  Why is the "oldest" state oh so concerned about reproduction?  "Get off my lawn!" "Get out of my uterus!"

3. It's a Great Day in South Carolina! - Dear Guv. Nikki Haley, Saying it does not make it so; especially when Club Fed "might could" be in your future.  (Will The Beatles "Taxman" be her new theme song?)

2. Those with the temerity to accuse a sitting President of "race baiting."

1.  Flying the Confederate Flag on yer pickemuptruck in the State of


10.  Good Mechanics

9.  Vice President Joe Biden - after the next term can HE be the JOE on "Morning Joe?" Please?

8. Current TV's morning line up

7. Pubs that welcome dogs, but not children

6. Wait! Wait! Don't Tell Me 

5. Journalists who dispute and refuse to print partisan "facts" and do their own research (Though, I'm still waiting for a printed Teabagger quote,"O-bah-mahs  uh So-shall-ist and uh Fash-ist" to be followed up with, "For the record, President Obama is neither a Socialist nor a Fascist, and Mr. Bagger could not coherently define either when queried.")

4. Creative, non-violent opposition to women's health clinic protesters; apparently calling the protesters at home...a lot... is quite effective. 

3.  Frozen Planet  

2. FLOTUS speaking out publicly about Trayvon Martin.

1. Tiny little ancient Greek ladies who flip off guys driving pickemuptrucks with Confederate flags in the State of

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